Liz grew up between the wilds of New Mexico and the bars of Brussels and eventually made her way to London. She cut her teeth in the Creative Services department of Discovery Channel and eventually became Creative Director. She then moved to Channel 4 as Creative Director of FilmFour, and subsequently of More4 when it launched, overseeing all of its on-air identity and scooping several D&AD awards along the way. She has since made TV commercials and online content for a wide range of clients. She has also directed long form drama and documentary films for Channel 4 including' How The Snowman Came To Life', a film about the life of Raymond Briggs. Two of Liz’s films for The Times/Sunday Times won at the 2015 British Arrow Awards: Bringing The World to Britain (silver arrow) and The Art of Satire (bronze arrow). The films are part of the Unquiet Film Series, which won a gold arrow for Best Web Based Series.

Bringing The World To Britain won the Branded Content of the Year at the Shots awards in 2014. Liz was awarded a Wood Pencil at the D&AD Professional Awards 2015, for The Art of Satire. "We loved working with Liz (and a number of Drummers have worked with her over the years, which is a testament to her popularity at the agency) because she is charming, insightful and honest, all qualities that shine through in her directing style. Her ability to reveal something true and meaningful about a person really marked her out as the perfect collaborator for our Age UK films that tell the stories of lonely older people through dramatic monologues".



Creative Director at Discovery, Film Four and More 4 before stepping behind the camera herself.