Last year, Warner Bros tasked us to create some content for The Lego Batman movie. Our idea was to have Lego Batman take over the continuity announcements on Channel 4 across a whole weekend – which meant the involvement of Warner Bros animation department and the voice of Will Arnett. The partnership allowed us unprecedented access to TV schedules, meaning we could have Lego Batman cracking jokes about Come Dine With Me, Hollyoaks and other staples of British TV.

The incarnation of Batman we saw in The Lego Movie became an instant fan favourite – not to mention one of the more interesting versions of the iconic character we’ve had in recent years – and Will’s voice is integral to that. We worked with him remotely, ferrying our scripts over to The States in batches whenever we could secure an hour of his time here and there. He was all over it, bringing the same bold, irreverent humour we recognise in the Lego films and his roles in Arrested Development and Bojack Horseman. A comedy hero for many of us at Drum, Will was a pleasure to work with and helped us bring to life one of the more out there ideas we’ve had in recent times.