Stir Creativity

Bombay Sapphire is one of the world’s most famous and loved gin brands. However, in an incredibly competitive market, they needed to re-establish themselves as a creative brand. To do this, Bombay have developed the ‘Stir Creativity’ platform – encouraging consumers to express themselves creatively by using the product in a fun and imaginative way. Our brief was to bring ‘Stir Creativity’ to life for a young, discerning, and busy audience. To do this, we commissioned three up and coming contemporary UK artists – Josh Mckenna, Kelly Anna, and INSA - to create three works of art, in their own personal style, using the ingredients found in three Bombay Sapphire cocktail recipes as inspiration. We partnered with HYPEBEAST, a publisher perfectly placed in modern culture to create three films that followed each artist and their journey. Each video was promoted across HYPEBEAST and HYPEBAEs social channels, as well as the artists’ social accounts, and housed on the HYPEBEAST website. Results: Overall, the campaign drove nearly half a million views across HYPEBEASTs social channels and was the publishers 2nd best performing alcohol campaign of the year. The videos also drove on average a 95% positive sentiment analysis on Facebook.


Business Director

Barty Mee

Partnerships Director

Kelly Suckling


Saabeah Aforo-Addo

Senior Account Manager

Laura Meares


Andy Wilson