Bring Back The Bees

It turns out bees do more than most people realise— for such small, short-lived creatures, they do a lot of heavy lifting to keep life on Earth in balance. They make 1/3 of our nutritious fruits and vegetables possible, and they function as a buzzing alarm system for our planet’s ecosystem. Basically, bees are magical fuzzy little flower-hopping life-bringers.

And guess what? Bees are in trouble. And that’s why Burt’s Bees® asked Drum to help to #BringBackTheBees.

Drum, with the help of FUSE, set up a picturesque flower shop, rigged with trickery to surprise unsuspecting shoppers, one of which was top model and activist Winnie Harlow. As the florist creates bouquets, the flowers and plants in the shop, start to disappear, turning the store into a stark empty space. The final denouncement reveals the vision of a world without bees.


This campaign resulted in both a positive lift in brand awareness (7.4% uplift vs. 7% as Industry standard) and consideration (10.6% uplift vs. 7% as Industry standard).

Sales of the limited edition lip balm: 750% increase.

Views 3.2m, Shares 24,968, Share Rate 0.78%,

Video Reach; Total Reach = 9,339,302, Organic Reach = 3,031,784 (significant increase of 32%), Paid Reach = 6,307,518

Our video performed well in terms of share rate compared to other ‘cause’ videos. Facebook Reactions were very positive towards the campaign, of 58,096 Reactions, 84.5% were Likes.


Creative Director

Claire Baker

Art Direction + Design

Michael Ballantyne

Music + Sound Production

Angell Sound

Business DIrector

Sarah Cabey


Tom Angell and Madina Paulig


Emma Carter, Natasha Gottlieb and Maree Gecks


Marcus Leversedge