Hasbro Monopoly

Monopoly is one of the UK’s best-loved games but the content on its Facebook page was very US-centric and failed to grasp British cultural nuances. Drum wanted to grow Monpoly’s fanbase further and knew that if it championed its role in popular culture, it could keep these fans engaged throughout the year. To activate this, Drum sought to show the world through “the lens of Monopoly”, tapping on memories, twists, plays and hijacks in the form of a series of riddles, puzzles and challenges on Facebook. This content took the form of text, image and video posts, and particularly popular were videos that pitched Monopoly’s Cat and Dog playing tokens against each other.

Drum’s video content is the most successful Monopoly has ever run, while a video promoting a board giveaway racked up 1.1 million impressions and nearly 76,000 total minutes viewing. Best of all, it resulted in Smyths selling out of the promotional boards nationwide in one hour.


Creative director

Matt Cole


Michael Ballantyne, Ben Jewkes, Lee Pitman


David Mowbray


Lee Tarrier

Account handler

Georgia Weyman

Media agency