McDonald’s has always believed in the innate creativity and talent of young people – it’s one of the largest employers of people aged 16 to 24 – but it was conscious that young people were not being given the opportunities that they once had. In order to entertain and empower this demograph, as well as help them reappraise McDonald’s as a brand they could connect to, Drum created ChannelUs to give these Millennials a voice and a platform to converse in a way that other young people understand. This YouTube entertainment brand had co-creation at its heart in order to unlock their talents and amplify them to the wider world. Produced with the vloggers Oli White & Hazel Hayes, it saw a passion-fuelled project, such as putting together a fashion show or shooting a short film, played out over 72 hours each week, helped with assistance from the ChannelUs YouTube community.

Channel Us not only changed the lives of those who took part, it inspired a community and recorded 5.3 million views and 12,000 dedicated and engaged subscribers. It also increased positive sentiment for McDonald’s being a brand cosumers can trust.


Creative director

Matt Cole


Lee Tarrier

Head of talent and production

Andy Holland

Account handler

Jessica Sinclair & Kelly Suckling


Maree Gecks & Emma Carter


Tom Angell

Head of strategy

James Larman

Executive producer

Laura Botten


Michael Ballantyne

Media agency