Driver’s Seat Initiative

ŠKODA had recently joined forces with the youth charity The Prince’s Trust in a partnership which brings the brand’s values to life by supporting young people who are independently minded and ‘driven by something different’. This partnership has been brought to life through the ŠKODA Driver’s Seat Initiative (DSI), an initiative which consists of week-long creative courses for 16-25 year olds teaching them the skills and confidence they need to pursue a career in their chosen discipline.   ŠKODA wanted to communicate their involvement in the initiative and enlisted Drum’s help to do so.  The brand tasked Drum with creating content that would be interesting and engage ŠKODA’s target audience, whilst also remaining true to the brand’s values. Drum partnered with The Guardian to produce a video series showcasing participants of the driver’s seat initiative, as well as a series of immersive articles which appeared on The Guardian’s website, explaining ŠKODA’s work with The Princes’ Trust in more depth. The videos gave participants of the Driver’s Seat Initiative a voice in a relaxed setting and explored some of the pressing questions and challenges young creatives are experiencing today, and how they are empowering themselves to break through into the industry. The immersive articles built on this explaining the work that ŠKODA is doing with The Prince’s Trust. The content included a masterclass in each of the courses available, a showcase of the work created by DSI graduates, and mentor feedback on the course which provided insight on the outcome of the courses.  The content created has been a really effective and brilliant way to encourage a wider audience to question their own barriers to creativity whilst also considering the courses on the Driver’s Seat Initiative as an option for their future. The Škoda DSI campaign won The Working Together Award at the Princes Trust Partnership Awards 2018, this award recognises the company who has best collaborated with another organisation or organisations as part of their partnership with The Prince's Trust.


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