George The Blob

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hasbro’s Play-Doh, Drum partnered with an LA-based animator to create a film to show just how fun and versatile the product is. The stop-motion film featured ‘George the blob’, a non-descript piece of Play-Doh that could be moulded into different magical creatures, and whose only limitation was the imagination of the child creating it. In order to encourage engagement from the target audience, trailers were created for Facebook that built anticipation for the release of the film, which achieved a reach of over 5 million via TV, online and in cinema. This was supplemented with shareable looping GIFs from the film, briefs posted on Facebook that were inspired by the story of George the blob and tutorials that helped kids create magical creatures of their own, with the winner receiving a Play-Doh prize.

The campaign was a resounding success with positive brand reception recorded across all key audiences. In terms of hard results, George generated a 4% uplift in sales and was 100% more effective in terms of ROI compared to Hasbro's previous campaign in 2016. Meaning this won't be the last we see of George The Blob...


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Claire Baker


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Kevin Ulrich

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