Holiday Firsts

P&O Cruises wanted to develop and deliver a campaign that would increase brand awareness and consideration amongst those new to cruising whilst also squashing any holiday misconceptions made by newcomers. Through social media we produced a series of interactions for P&O Cruises with a focus on featuring customers and destinations to sail through the ‘sea of sameness’ that is travel content and build an emotional bond between them and their audience. We created a two wave campaign which conveyed the rational and emotional value of a cruise holiday. The first wave was introducing the #Holidayfirsts campaign, a two month social campaign that followed two new comers to cruising (Freddy and Karen), capturing and reliving those “holiday first” moments. There’s nothing quite as exciting and emotive as experiencing something for the first time. To bring this feeling to life on social media for those new to cruising we showed how stepping out of your comfort zone and booking a P&O Cruise for the first time will result in a once in a life time experience. We cast a real couple and took them on their maiden cruise, capturing the emotional story of trying things for the first time. Through engaging social content, we tapped into key topics around destinations, ships, relaxation, entertainment and excursions to showcase the broad and exciting range of activities P&O Cruises has to offer. The second wave was a social campaign which raised awareness of the range of destinations and experiences P&O Cruises has to offer in a way that both enhanced value perception and inspired the audience to consider P&O Cruise for their next holiday. For this, we created 3 videos and 7 statics using inspiring and aspirational imagery, along with a “you’ll never forget” narrative. DRUM was also tasked with driving the launch for P&O's new brochure and bookings for 2018/2019 on the brand’s social channels. We did so by inspiring audiences to find out more through showcasing a wide range of destinations and new itineraries. The creative came to life through 8 videos, 8 static images and a Facebook Canvas. RESULTS Using impactful video and static content, a large newcomer and engaged audience was reached – with a total of 5,977,839 unique users reached during the entirety of the campaign. Total reach for the videos exceeded 3.2m, the best performing static post supporting the video content delivered an engagement rate increase of 114% on P&O Cruise’s social benchmark (6%), we also drove 7 bookings. We surpassed video benchmarks & Canvas proved to be an effective platform to showcase new itineraries . Direct Reach Campaign earned 99,000 clicks at a Click Through Rate of 9.2%


Creative Director

Claire Baker

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Catarina Barroso

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Jon Brayford


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Gemma Parry

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