OMEN Esports Report

OMEN by HP are HP’s PC gaming arm. They make world class equipment suitable for the very highest levels of gaming. We’ve worked with HP since 2017 to help start to make OMEN by HP the best known and respected hardware brand in Esports; an objective we plan to reach in 2020. Even though OMEN by HP make some of the best products on the market, they are relatively unknown as a brand. OMEN has only been around since 2014 (when HP rebranded their Voodoo products as OMEN), so they suffer from a relative lack of awareness and recognition, particularly when compared to established brands such as Alienware. Knowing this, we devised a strategy which would help drive as much awareness as possible amongst PC Gamers. We conducted research amongst our core audience which enabled us to understand that PC gamers are constantly looking for ways to skill up and get better, and that they expect their kit to help them do this, helping us get to our creative brief – ‘Get the Edge with OMEN by HP’. We knew that we couldn’t simply use good old-fashioned advertising to target our audience credibly. They needed to really believe that OMEN could put their money where their mouth is when it comes to PC gaming. Because of this, we created a content format which would engage PC gaming fans, and drive conversation and debate. We created a brand-new entertainment format: The Esports Report. The OMEN Esports Report is an online magazine show streamed live once a month on Twitch, a first of its kind within the UK. Fronted by Esports presenters Pala Gilroy Sen and Frankie Ward, the show has welcomed a range of Esports teams and gaming influencers to the studio across 6 months of activity and covers the biggest Esports tournaments both domestically and globally, including exclusive content from the Overwatch League, EGX, and the OMEN UK Open. Guests that joined the studio included top players and managers from Team Excel and London Spitfires, offering tips and tricks. Guests such as Westie, Arrekz, and Unitlost took part in the show, and have even competed live on-air against each other in our ‘Game-breaking Challenge’, giving the audience at home the chance to win a range of OMEN prizes. As well as broadcasting live on Twitch, we distributed our content in partnership with gaming content providers including Eurogramer, Dot Esports and Digital Foundry, amongst others. We used the content from the live show to create a suite of cut down content to keep our audience engaged between each show. In addition, we used the content to help launch OMEN by HP’s own Facebook channel in the UK. So far, the show has delivered 240,000 live views, and over 5 million views of the cut down content across owned, paid, and earned channels. Awareness of OMEN by HP amongst our core audience has risen 10 percentage points from 15% to 25%, helping to continue establishing OMEN as a major player in the Esports world. We are now excited to be planning Season 2.


Business Director

Barty Mee

Creative Director

Claire Baker


Phil Harris


Holly Turner-Smith

Art Director

Lee Pitman

Senior Account Manager

Laura Meares


Lee Tarrier


Saabeah Aforo-Addo

Head of Design

Michael Ballantyne