HP Sprocket with Anne Marie

HP launched Sprocket in Autumn 2016 – a small handheld photo printer which syncs seamlessly to your phone via an Bluetooth, and prints 2 x 3 inch sticky-backed photos - in an effort to make printing relevant again for consumers. HP were the smallest brand in the category, with 40 weeks of back stock and needed to find a way to gain and retain market leadership.

DRUM was tasked with driving mass awareness of our new product with our Gen Z audience, contextualizing its use cases and making our audience believe that Sprocket was the must have accessory for them. The reality was that whilst we needed to drive awareness with our core audience, what we really needed to
create was pester power so that parents, who would ultimately buy the product, knew HP Sprocket was a must have.



We delivered a multi-channel, funnel approach which doubled unaided awareness and smashed sales and category targets. HP needed to increase unaided awareness, at 2.3% pre-campaign and increased to over 4%. Awareness increased by 5% (from 3.5% to 8.5%) with our target audience of 13-17s and 18-24s increased by 5% up to 28%. Among consumers exposed to an ad, 27% recalled seeing an HP ad (over double its closest competitor) and over half those consumers said it increased propensity to purchase. We beat our 5% engagement KPI with 8% engagement rate on Anna Marie’s post, double her av. engagement, leading Rudimental to comment they wanted one too . Our always on social saw similar results driving a 3.5% CTR from YouTube to product link reaching 1.2M people.

HP Sprocket now has 85% market share and flipped the market (wireless with Lan and without W-Lan (Sprocket being the W-Lan)) from being 60% wireless Lan to 91% without W-Lan.


Creative Director

Claire Baker

Account Handler

Ruth Griffin & Kelly Suckling

Production Director

Laura Botten


Phil Harris

Production Company

Fire Pit & Drum

Media Agency


Account Handler

Oliver Stokes