HP Sprocket with X Factor

After the success of the Anne-Marie partnership throughout the Summer, we were challenged with continuing to drive desirability amongst the 13 – 25 demographic, with aim of increasing sales in the lead up to Christmas.

After running analysis of the audience data for The X Factor, we knew that on average they were attracting 6.9m weekly viewers & that this was one of the largest viewing shares for the 16-34 audience on TV. It also showed that X Factor has huge digital footprint & drives high engagement with 2.4m app downloads and a combined social reach of c.10m on Facebook and Instagram. These figures, alongside the announcement of 10 shows in the Christmas run-up in 2017 made the perfect fit for our core audience.

We worked closely with Syco to deliver an effective 10-week campaign, using current and popular contestants such as Rak-Su for in-show Product Placements, in-app activity and co-branded social posts, capturing content that showed the functionality and desirability of the product.


The campaign was met with huge levels of engagement. 46% Sprocket sales were incremental to the media marketing campaign and our content drove a massive 10% engagement rate on HP own branded social posts vs. HP's average of 1% engagement. Instagram posts had an average engagement rate of 4.1%, with influencer posts having a higher average engagement rate of between 5% and 8%.

There were also huge spikes in Google search trends when the product was active in-show, on social media and within The X Factor app, leading to inventory selling out on the retail partners site within the first week. Of the 2.2 million who saw the product in app, 7.1% clicked through to the retailer and we also saw a halo effect from the Sprocket campaign onto other products leading to an incremental 10% increase in sales on HP Hardware.


Creative Director

Claire Baker

Production Director

Laura Botten

Head of Design

Mike Ballantyne

Account Handler

Laura Meares


Phil Harris & Holly Turner Smith

Junior Production Designer

Amelia Eve