Make My Day

Twitter asked Drum to prove to younger people what a fun social environment it was and show off its best features, such as video, that they may not know about. So Drum enlisted some of their favourite influencers, such as YouTube stars Mandevilles and Niki & Sammy, and set about creating a series of challenges that they’d have to play out over the Twitter platform that we knew would encourage younger people to participate. For each YouTuber a bespoke ‘Make My Day’ experience that reflected their tastes and personality but also challenged them was created, with the Twitter audience choosing through Twitter polls which one they’d have to do. The action was then played out live on the platform in a series of tweets, videos and Periscopes, before the influencer published the final experience on their YouTube channel.

The results compared extremely favourably in terms of views to the influencers own vlogs – sometimes exceeding them - and the campaign received 59 per cent positive sentiment, higher than average.


Creative director

Claire Baker


Phil Harris


Michael Ballantyne


Tom Angell

Account handler

Gemma Parry

Media agency