McDonald’s Social

We’ve worked with McDonald’s since 2016 to produce their ’always on’ social content - social posts outside of campaign work including cultural days, moments, trends, formats and innovation and social content strategy.

McDonald’s strives to be the best loved UK restaurant company; however, it faces a big challenge amongst its consumers, it is not seen as genuine & its social media platforms have become a place to customers to vent their frustrations. It is constantly working to increase affinity amongst its audience & social media plays
a big role in that by increasing positive participation with their consumers through creating relatable, honest & shareable content.

We created a platform first approach shifting creative from ‘ad-like’ to ‘natively social’ formats resulting in the brand’s most successful ever social posts in the UK (29 million organic reach for one post for example). Creating contextually and culturally relevant social content weaving the brand into the narrative of
their audiences. At a time where Facebook are actively aiming to remove brand clutter DRUM has pushed creative work that has continually boosted the reach and effectiveness of the brand’s social content so much so that it is surfaced as ‘valuable’ brand content in audience feeds. In the last 12 months we have seen
our highest levels of success with engagement, organic reach and interactions consistently out performing client & industry benchmarks – strengthening our relationship with the client.

The key to success is getting it so right that the audience themselves drive organic reach for us, reducing the brand’s reliance on paid distribution. Of the top 10 performing posts in the past 12 months: Posts now achieving organic reach of 1m+, with the top 2 posts both reaching over 20m. An average of almost 5,000 shares per post, and over 38k reactions/likes. Overall engagement rates are up year on year from a range of 0.1%-2%, to an annual average of 4-10% across all posts, a significant shift for a brand striving to find new ways of engaging with its audiences.

Recently, we helped McDonald’s to launch their UK Instagram due to the increased need to engage with our core audience who continuing to shift from Facebook to Instagram. We created a full channel strategy to ensure the channel wasn’t viewed as a dumping ground for content but instead an opportunity to deliver real business results.

By listening and observing to how 18-24-year olds interact with culture, we were better placed to create meaningful connections through our content by communicating through ‘storyliving’ rather than storytelling with the channel strategy that ‘Real Life Tastes Better with McDonald’s’. the channel is completely audience-first, with a focus of communication that ‘we’re one of you – your language, your tone.’ Not just another brand pushing millennial ad messaging. We didn’t want to be the dad at the disco. We launched with 24hours in McDonald’s, we posted one story on the hour, every hour for 24hours showing how real life really does taste better with McDonald’s.

During the launch week (including pre-promotion in the lead up to the 24hrs) of Oct 22 - 28th, we saw 68,162 profile visits and we had 6,856 new followers (bringing us to a total of 39K followers).

The results to date include an increase in engagement per post from an average of 0.5/1 per cent to three per cent, with a corresponding increase in positive PR about the brand.


Creative director

Claire Baker


Michael Ballantyne & Lee Pitman

Account handler

Kelly Suckling & Kate Beardsley

Media Agency



Lee Tarrier

Project manager

Holly Turner-Smith

Junior Production Designer

Amelia Eve