McDonald’s Social

Social media provides a crucial communication channel for brands, but McDonald’s was finding that some of its customers were using it to vent their frustrations rather than engage with the brand. The problem was that McDonald’s didn’t have a consistent social media strategy, so Drum undertook an entire overhaul that would ensure that it could have more positive interactions with its customers. Drum create culturally relevant, engaging and shareable social content that is true to real life and vocalised in a language that our target audience can relate to. This included bespoke content to mark events, such as World Emoji Day, that we knew would appeal to McDonald’s customers. We’ve also enabled two-way conversations with its customers and introduced a consistent look and feel to McDonald’s’ social content to make the participation more positive.

The results to date include an increase in engagement per post from an average of 0.5/1 per cent to three per cent, with a corresponding increase in positive PR about the brand.


Creative director

Claire Baker


Michael Ballantyne & Lee Pitman

Account handler

Kelly Suckling & Kate Beardsley

Media Agency



Lee Tarrier

Project manager

Holly Turner-Smith

Junior Production Designer

Amelia Eve