Mission Possible With Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel wanted Drum to launch its summer campaign in a new and exciting way that would appeal to families. In partnership with the new Mission Impossible: Fallout film, Drum created an ad that uses parallel themes to the film whilst also making use of the iconic Mission Impossible soundtrack to show how getting your family on holiday is in fact a mission very much possible with Eurotunnel. The campaign showcases the ease and convenience of travelling with Eurotunnel - from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. You can pack your car full of everything you might possibly need – including your dog. Drum captured the ease and convenience of a family journey to France using Eurotunnel le shuttle, whilst using iconic music and references from the Mission Impossible films and adding a bit of humour to deliver a fun and light-hearted ad. The campaign launched across digital, cinema and social. Across all metrics, the campaign was a success and drove positive uplifts. We know through research, a key driver of consideration for Eurotunnel is greater understanding of the service and its benefits so, while our creative was a tongue in cheek take on MI: Fallout, it was also a perfect showcase for all the benefits and USPs that make ETLS a service worth using. From showing the scale of luggage you can take in your own car, to the speed and ease with which you can check in and get to France, those who saw our creative showed a 10% increase on average for the key USPs of ease, speed, value and reliability. This, in turn, led to a 5% increase in consideration. With such an engaging, humorous and iconic creative, we knew that garnering as many views was key to driving these beneficial brand results. As such, we focused our efforts on mediums and formats that would deliver on this objective; the results speak for themselves. Across YouTube alone, we delivered 191% more views than we had originally planned. Overall the campaign, due in part to the use of 12 different channels and formats, delivered 13% more views than we expected. This led to 1 in 4 people recalling seeing the campaign, with those same people on average giving a likeability score of 78% for the creative. Awareness and consideration for ETLS rose by 6% and 5% respectively because of our campaign and with total sales volumes up YoY for June and July, it was most definitely a case of mission accomplished.



Tom Blackwood


Maree Gecks


Phil Harris

Business Director

Barty Mee


Michael Ballantyne


Claire Baker


Holly Turner-Smith


Felicity Litser

Senior Account Manager

Katie Beardsley