For The Players Since 1995

The launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One in November 2013 pitched it directly against the PS4 ensuring a battle royale for the next generation of gamers. Drum knew that memories would be the most profound emotional hook to appeal to this group. After listening to the conversations that gamers were having, Drum put them right at the heart of the campaign. As soon as Sony announced the launch of the PS4, #PlayStationMemories trended worldwide with gamers discussing their memories of previous PlayStation consoles. Drum responded by creating ‘For the Players Since 1995’ – a three-minute film that paid homage to the role PlayStation has played to youth culture over the preceding two decades, and how it had progressed to its latest state-of-the-art iteration.

By eschewing bland and generic advertising, this laser-targeted approach resulted in excess of 10 million film views in the first week with over 42,000 tweets in the first week, making PlayStation YouTube’s second biggest brand.


Deputy Managing Director

Andy Spray

Account handler

Tanya Wilkinson


David Mowbray

Executive producer

Laura Botten


Matt Cole

Media agency