Sky Sports Data Zone

Faced with the challenge of creating a deeper relationship for Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) beyond the B2B environment, Drum realised that partnering with Sky Sports would quickly enable them to cut through. After all, both Sky Sports and HPE’s audiences have many shared passions within sports and 2016’s busy summer of sport would allow HPE to demonstrate its data and insights tools. In order to bring this to life Drum created the co-branded HPE Data Zone on Sky Sports’ website. Sky Sports published a piece of data journalism that was informed by HPE technology, whether that be through the written word or by infographic, to bring topical news stories to life. For example, HPE data was used to analyse how the world’s top golfers would fare in different conditions prior to The 145th Open, live on Sky Sports, or what could be expected from the newest players in the Premier League.

The campaign surpassed all expectations with a marked increase in both brand uplift for HPE and purchase intent.


Creative Director

Claire Baker

Design Director

Michael Ballantyne

Business Director

Jake Bogart


Sam Duncanson


Lee Tarrier

Director of Technology

Oli Thurtle