The Fox Problem

The Fox Problem, a live online entertainment series inspired by the irreverent 90s ‘Zoo TV’ formats such as TFI Friday and The Word, caught the imagination of a next generation of TV viewers. Inspired by this popular cultural phenomenon, Drum knew it would be the perfect vehicle for HP to change the way that people think about its brand. While the first series initially aired on Google+, a partnership with HP for the second series brought the channel to YouTube in a new and improved format that also saw HP products seamlessly integrated into the show. While HP had previously been seen as a brand for their parents, the way that Drum ensured that HP technology was seen to be driving the show – from Tablet cue cards to Skype interviews with the likes of astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield – changed perceptions among this new target audience.

After the six-part series ended, 60 per cent of 16-34 year olds saw HP as relevant to them and 55 per cent said they were more likely to consider HP products. The series directly resulted in over £1.3 million sales on the HP website alone and returned the brand to its number one position in the market.


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Ruth Griffin

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Jake Bogert