The Lego Movie Ad Break

To meet demanding box office targets, The Lego Movie needed to appeal to adults who might otherwise dismiss the film as a ‘kids movie’. In one of the most innovative and awarded campaigns of the year that really hit the cultural zeitgeist, Drum created a media solution that would rekindle childhood memories of the brand among adults by putting Lego into their recognisably grown-up world. The epic and unprecedented campaign saw four Lego-friendly brands – the British Heart Foundation, BT, and Premier Inn – persuaded to recreate their existing TV ad campaigns into ones made out of Lego (in truth they were so taken by the idea that they paid their own production and media costs to be part of the campaign). The Lego Movie Ad Break was created. In a partnership with ITV the special break, which was interspersed with characters from The Lego Movie and finished with a spot promoting the film, ran in the UK’s most popular family TV show, Dancing on Ice.

Over 6 million people saw the break go out with a further 1.2 million seeking it out on YouTube and, most importantly, it influenced an incremental five per cent of the opening week’s box office, returning Warner £5.96 for every £1 spent.


Deputy Managing Director

Andy Spray


David Mowbray

Executive producer

Laura Botten

Media agency