The New Audi A7

Audi tasked Drum with launching the new Audi A7 in an way that was both innovative and bold. The campaign had to appeal to the ‘prestige market’ of luxury car owners and make sure the model was on their wish lists for purchasing a car. It also had to be inclusive; creating brand impact with all consumers to create a halo effect for the wider Audi car range. For the target audience Knight Rider was a cultural phenomenon when they were younger. It had the world’s most technologically advanced car at the time, complete with a strip of red lights and was the car that everyone dreamed of having. Drum created a campaign that played on the nostalgia of Knight Rider, and its association of being ahead of the curve, to draw our audience’s attention to the new Audi in all its glory and its similarities to the much loved car from the classic 80s show. Just like the K.I.T.T. the Audi A7 is the car of its time; an amazing combination of technology, sleek design and incredible lights display. Using a content partnership, we combined forces with Top Gear, the kings of the car industry, to pay homage to the opening title sequence from Knight Rider with the Audi A7. With an average of 1.1m viewers tuning in with the intention of buying a car within the next 2 years and 1.5m buying the latest gadgets and appliances regularly, Top Gear was the perfect fit for Audi to team up with. The opening sequence retains all the important car-related elements. It features a dramatic looking car filmed in a series of great locations whilst showcasing the array of tech features, lights and control and also invoking the nostalgia of the much-loved 80s TV series. RESULTS Tripled the goal for online article views: target 20,000, actual - 59,126 Total video views: (est) target 2m, actual - 2,027m Delivered all Impression ads Ads over-delivered by by 73% Greatly exceeding TopGear’s average CTR (0.13%) with a huge 0.49%


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Monty Verdi


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Laura Clark

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