VIVID 200 Gamer Challenge

When Virgin Media wanted to launch their new VIVID 200 product specifically designed to cater for serious gamers seeking the best upload and download speeds possible, the key challenge was finding a way to engage with them. We know this audience eat, slept and breathed gaming so we had to find a way for them to look up from their screens and take notice. Drum immersed themselves in the gaming culture, understanding their in jokes, gaming slang and motivations in order to become a legitimate presence in their lives. They wanted to recognise gamer frustrations and highlight the universally hated ‘lag’ or loss of control in order to draw attention to the VIVID 200s USPs. The Gamer Challenge was born. Drum challenged top elite gamers Ali-A and Mantrousse to coach and compete in their favourite games such as Call of Duty and CounterStrike against none other than David Haye and James Buckley. The duos were set a series of challenges, with the elite gamers giving up their control pad and online profile to the celebs, verbally guiding them through the game and hence feeling a sense of ‘lag’ and loss of control that VIVID 200 was promising to distinguish.

The films have delivered in excess of 1m views to date. User comments proved audiences were becoming more aware of how Virgin Media can enhance their gaming experience, exemplified by one fan who stated: “@OMGitsAliA @virginmedia Thanks to Ali A, the video with David Haye I got Vivid Gamer 200, the connection is perfect all times of the day!”


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Dave Williams

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Tanya Wilkinson


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