Volkswagen Touareg

VW tasked Drum to launch the new Volkswagen Touareg and communicate to audiences the thrilling high-tech features the car has to offer. The aim of this campaign was to appeal to ‘premium window shoppers’ and make a high-tech vehicle more accessible to a wider market. From this, the ‘Making the Future Real’ campaign was born. To reach the desired audience we secured a content partnership and combined forces with The Guardian to look at the past, present and future of the key tech features within the Touareg such as night vision and gesture control. The campaign featured seven online immersive articles, three online articles as well as multiple double-page spread print articles. The content series, which was split into two strands, featured content grounded in exploring what happens when technology and art collide. Our partnership with The Guardian also featured a ‘Shazamble ad’, allowing users to scan a magazine cover wrap using the Shazam app and then be shown an AR transition animation. Users were subsequently shown a 360 image of the Touareg interior, and from this point given access to the three videos in the ‘Making the Future Real’ content series, creating an interactive experience. The campaign was further supported by online and print advertorials and social media video content. This immersive content has shown audiences the power of technology whilst allowing them to discover what the future holds with the Volkswagen Touareg.


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