What’s Cooking From The Sainsbury’s Kitchen

In 2011 Sainsbury’s launched its highly successful ‘Live Well for Less’ positioning, which achieved great awareness in advertising but really needed bringing to life. Tapping into the UK’s cultural love of cooking, Drum created the perfect vehicle with ‘What’s Cooking from the Sainsbury’s Kitchen’, presented by Ben Shepherd and Lisa Faulkner on Channel 4. The show ran every day for 13 weeks with an unprecedented level of Sainsbury’s brand presence that was fully integrated and enhanced the viewing experience. The title of the show ensured that the Sainsbury’s name found itself in the TV listings, the show was set in a Sainsbury’s car park and 60 per cent of the ingredients used were from Sainsbury’s – we even featured the chefs shopping for them.

The series became the UK’s largest ad-funded and product placement cookery show, watched by 9.5 million viewers. Of these 20 per cent cooked a recipe from the show and 13 per cent bought products or ingredients featured – that’s 1.2 million products sold. The series also led to a vast improvement in Sainsbury’s brand perception, with 35 per more likely to shop at the retailer having watched it.


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Andy Spray


Michael Ballantyne

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Tanya Wilkinson

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