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At the best of times, you might consider the whisky-making island of Jura to be isolated from the world. 2020 was not the best of times.

For most of that inconceivable year, the 211 community residents had no choice but to close their island to everyone but the postman (Graeme). Local business stopped. The much relied upon tourist season was cancelled. For a short time, even whisky production was put on hold. Lucky no one told the 2,000 plus barrels already ageing on-island that…

With no chance of getting a crew in or out to shoot the year’s social content, we had to be more creative than ever in keeping Jura connected to the world.

While our audience were stuck inside, we brought the island's outdoors to them on. Each ‘Whisky Walkabout’, with Jura’s own intrepid Mark Bruce as tour guide, took you on a weekly island nature break – aptly ending on a stunning view to enjoy a Jura whisky from.

While #quarantinis trended, we taught Jura fans to be their own bartender – with three signature cocktail-making videos, complete with all the fizz and atmosphere of the late-night haunts they were missing so much.

And to debut the all-new Jura Red Wine Cask edition, we created a playfully interactive Insta-whisky tasting - designed to be joined from the comfort of your stories – teaching colour, nosing technique and tasting notes, while recommending everything from glass selection to food pairings.


• Helped JURA increase their reach by 78% to speak to new audience
• Improved this reach YOY by 27% (2019 – 2020)
• Maintained engagement rates 6.8x (Instagram) & 16.7x (Facebook) above industry averages for an alcohol brand
• Improved JURA’s ad recall by 10% on the industry average


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