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Napapijri are true pioneers when it comes to sustainable and circular fashion and are one of the few brands awarded with Gold Cradle to Cradle certification. Their brand vision ‘Choose Future’ is a mindset towards taking action for a better tomorrow.

DRUM were tasked with finding an ambassador who embodied Napapijri’s progressive values as well as brokering and negotiating the talent deal and launching the partnership. We found the ideal partnership with one of this generations leading talent, Taron Egerton.
The 2019 Rocketman lead actor and Golden Globe winners confidence, dedication and drive to push boundaries makes him the perfect embodiment of Napapijri's Choose Future mindset.

DRUM collaborated with international celebrity and fashion photographer, Charlie Gray to capture film and stills of Taron Egerton at his hometown in Aberystwyth, Wales. We developed a creative treatment that was personal to Taron’s story and values. In the film he shows us some of his favourite places, these locations of natural beauty are close to Taron's heart and their preservation are important to him. He reminds us that the choices we make today can have a lasting impact on tomorrow and calls for viewers to Choose Future. Hero products worn represent Napapijri's commitment to design, sustainability and innovation.

We created a 30” hero film, with 15’ cutdowns translated to 4 languages and stills for Napapijri’s instore, social media and digital channels. The partnership was launched for their FW20 Choose Future campaign and announced by WWD using assets captured from the shoot.


After the organic campaign launched with zero spend on media amplification, Napapiji’s social channels saw 2 million impressions, drove 70% new users to their landing page with conversion rates more than doubling compared to previous campaigns.


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