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Ocean Bottle recently conducted a survey that revealed 88% of Brits admitted they face challenges when trying to make a positive environmental impact. So, DRUM were briefed to create Ocean Bottle’s first consumer campaign - to empower their audience to see that even small, individual changes can make a difference when it comes to doing right by the environment.

First step to any change? Being honest about the change you need to make. The ‘Econfession’ challenge asked consumers to join Ocean Bottle in coming clean to clean our ocean.

Leading by example, the launch saw Ocean Bottle kicking off the challenge, “econfessing up” to their own not so eco-friendly habits in a bid to encourage others to join them in taking that all important first step: Acknowledge what it is we need to do better. Each brave act would have an immediate positive effect – with Ocean Bottle pledging to stop 10 plastic bottles from entering our ocean for every ‘econfession’ made.

The social campaign championed relatability and humour, to make opening up about our eco-awkwardness more of an empowering act than ever before. From the animated launch piece and social spread of #Econfession content from TikTok and Instagram comedians, the campaign called on the social universe to ‘come clean to clean our ocean’.


Featured in Creative Review’s Annual 2022
Econfession hashtag challenge views : 40 Million
Ocean bottle TikTok followers up by : 220%
Organic searches up by : 54%
The campaign prevented 6560 plastic bottles from ever entering our oceans


Group Creative Director

Claire Baker

Associate Creative Director

Emily Drake


Caro Phillips

Senior Strategist

Hayley Hildred

Account Manager

Kellie Galer

Senior Producer

Fred Salmon

Senior Producer

Phil Harris

Motion Designer

Gabriel Lindsay