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PlayDoh: George the Blob

DRUM was asked to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Play-Doh in a way that would truly celebrate the magic of the brand and showcase the imagination it inspires in children. We created George the Blob as a symbol of inspiration. Just like kids when they play with Play-Doh, George discovers that imagination has no boundaries. We used TV to get mass reach and then we used Facebook to interact directly with Playdoh’s biggest fans. We approached the content with the fanfair of a big film release – which included creating trailers and promo material - to build anticipation amongst our target audience.

Our response was a massive interactive social campaign centred around a 30 second TV ad that was animated entirely using Play-doh. Around the release of the film we used Facebook to connect with fans and get them excited. We created two bespoke trailers which teased the enchanting characters and gave audiences glimpses of the magic with behind the scenes stills.

We created a stop-motion film featuring ‘George the blob’

George generated a 4% uplift in sales


The campaign was a resounding success with positive brand reception recorded across all key audiences. In terms of hard results, George generated a 4% uplift in sales and was 100% more effective in terms of ROI compared to Hasbro's previous campaign in 2016. Meaning this won't be the last we see of George The Blob...


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