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McDonald’s April Fool’s

McDonald's UK&I tasked DRUM with helping them become part of modern culture. So this past April Fool’s day we collaborated with McDonald’s UK&I and out-of-home specialist Talon to introduce a much-anticipated Milkshake Sauce Pot range. Which is great news for all the fries-dipping fanatics out there, except you can’t find it in restaurants as it was an April Fool’s special!

The April Fool’s special launched with a product announcement video across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories to drive excitement and conversation around the new Milkshake Sauce Pot Range. In addition to the Social Media element of the campaign, we also took advantage of the timely targeting opportunities DOOH offer, with the announcement running across 162 nationwide DOOH placements.

April Fool’s brand activity in a fun and engaging way


The results were astounding, on Facebook alone we have had a reach of over 11M on our full announcement film; of that organic reach was over 9M, so over 82% of our reach was organic. The posts also saw over 462,000 reactions, shares and positive comments from fans, increasing brand love for McDonald’s. Our fans were either in disbelief that this was real, or they were really wanting to get their hands on the product to get dipping. We were picked up in the press from the likes of the Today Show (US), PR Week, the guardian, Highsnobiety, The Sun and JOE.


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