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Project Reconnect

In Q1 of 2020, DRUM created Project Reconnect together in partnership with HSBC UK and Guardian Labs. The campaign showcased the HSBC UK’s work in supporting homeless people by providing them with bank accounts that don’t require a fixed address.

Together we needed to raise awareness of HSBC’s efforts in enabling social mobility for those people on the fringes of society and highlight key initiatives such as their No Fixed abode bank account – which is a potential steppingstone out of the vicious cycle of homelessness.

The partnership, also negotiated and managed by DRUM showed heartfelt, moving stories about how people’s lives had changed since living on the street. Showcasing that the system could be on their side, that the financial organisation has a role to play in building an inclusive economy and helping to position HSBC as a bank for everyone in society.

The campaign featured a documentary film co-produced with ‘3 Angry Men’ and starring Corky Clubman. Corky had a wife, children and a successful career, but after his marriage broke down he found himself unexpectedly on the streets for 5 years. He describes the everyday struggles of being homeless and how access to a bank account and support from charities has helped him to turn his life around and get back on his feet. The campaign also ran across print, online and social (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).


The campaign was successful with 70% of people saying it made them more aware of how HSBC UK supports communities in the UK. One in four readers (25%) remembered having seen or heard the campaign when prompted. 79% (4 in 5) who recalled the campaign said they found the content appealing. 73% of the campaign was seen as informative and showed another side of HSBC UK and 68% claimed that the campaign made them want to donate to a homeless charity. Average dwell time was 1.58 seconds (21% above the Guardian benchmark of 1.30 seconds). Total video views of the documentary film of 308,648 (154% against KPI of 200,000).


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