Nature Needs Heroes – Concrete Green

DRUM was tasked by Timberland to create a new documentary to bring to life Timberland’s global Nature Needs Heroes campaign, which aims to inspire a global greening movement, one small action at a time. The heroes leading the charge are devoted to building a better future for the environment and the people who live in it.

Working alongside award winning British musician Loyle Carner and National Park City, the feature length documentary ‘Concrete Green’ explores the importance of green spaces within urban environments.

Premiering on MTV, ‘Concrete Green’ follows Loyle Carner as he returns to his roots in South East London’s Thornton Heath to plan and create a new green space for residents and the wider community.

Part one of the two-part documentary focuses on Loyle interacting with leading thinkers and campaigners on urban greening, planning the stages of the event as well as visiting potential sites for the new urban garden. As well as promoting Thornton Heath’s unrivalled creativity and the importance of green spaces to improve and affect positive change to the community’s mental wellbeing and creativity.

You can still watch Concrete Green on Sky’s Catch Up TV Service.


• Triple digit % sale increase of Eurosprint Trekker, establishing a new product icon for the brand
• 100% sell-through of product in resellers, prompting several re-orders from Timberland’s biggest accounts
• 80% said the programme and initiative gave a good impression of Timberland
• 79% said that it showed Timberland was concerned about the environment
• 54% of those who had previously not considered Timberland to be ‘sustainable’ or ‘environmentally conscious’ associated these words with the brand after watching the programme trailer
• 76% of people said that the programme changed their opinion of Timberland as a brand and made them more likely to consider Timberland
• ‘Best use of content’ at the ThinkBox awards



Paula Haydock

Production company


Business Director

Sarah Cabey

Senior Producer

Phil Harris


Zoe Lynch

Commercial Partnerships Director

Kelly Suckling